VIVA Health, the top-rated Medicare Advantage plan in Alabama, is excited to announce a new partnership with PFS Dental Network. Effective for the 2019 plan year, VIVA Health’s over 50,000 Medicare Advantage members will begin using the PFS Dental Network.

In 2020, it is anticipated that all VIVA Health Medicare Advantage members will be required to use PFS Dental Network’s in-network dental providers, to receive covered dental benefits through the plan.

Terry D. Knight
Vice President, Provider Services
VIVA Health, Inc.

Shouldn’t this be you?

Why we exist:

Until recently, payers established the payment amount for each dental procedure covered by their respective brands.  Payment rates were reduced to cover marketing and operating costs of administering coverage and assembling a network of dentists to serve patients.

PFS Dental Network, was created to increase dental practice revenue by working with payers to increase payment rates for dental services, while reducing their costs of administering the dental network.

To achieve higher rates for dentists and reduce costs to payers, we created this NEW and UNIQUE dental network concept that’s simple to understand but feels very different.

We know it’s different:

Dentists pay a monthly fee to access payment rates that are 20%-30% HIGHER than most fee schedules.  This monthly fee REDUCES the cost of network administration, allowing for higher payment rates.

Why it makes sense to pay a fee:

To simplify, Dr. Smith has a payer agreement that pays him $600 for a crown.  Dr. Anderson, participates in the VIVA / PFS Dental Network and is paid $816 for the same crown.

Let’s assume both dentists perform 100 crown procedures per year. 

Dr. Smith earns $60,000 for his work and Dr. Anderson earns $81,600 or $21,600 MORE REVENUE for the same amount of work.

VIVA Approved Dentists, participating in our exclusive Dental Network, get the best of both worlds!

  1. They receive high payment rates, direct from VIVA Health.
  2. Only In-Network Dentists are authorized to provide dental services to over 50,000+ Medicare Advantage patients.
  3. Increased patient base and market share.
  4. Approximately, 325 Dentists will be authorized in a county-by-county, balanced network.
  5. All, by paying a nominal monthly fee.